Amaryllis Marilyn Huge bulbs

Amaryllis Marilyn Huge bulbs

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This is a new step in Amaryllis breeding with attempts at green.   This apple green hybrid is semi miniature and has all the qualities of their larger relatives, but it produces a larger number of smaller flowers per stem, and more stems.  These particular bulbs we are offering are larger than usual miniatures and will grade 26 to 30 cm in diameter.  We only have 10 of these super size bulbs to offer.  2   These bulbs are imported from South Africa, this year so they are anxious to bloom from late November thru January.  Allow about 5 weeks from planting to bloom.   Next year they will readjust to the Northern hemisphere and will bloom later from February to May.  This is a real show stopper 2 bulbs ship for same price as one.  We have several other varieties we can combine in a single shipment including , Striatum which is pink and has a variegated leaf, Giraffe, Black Pearl which is a deep maroon burgundy   and mixed colors.  All can ship in the same box.

To our Central and West Coast customers, a medium flat rate box is the way to go as we can fit 10 possibly more bulbs in same box and this is $10.70.  This won't calculate on ebay correctly so we refund via paypal.  Thanks, we are always mindful of shipping expense and strive to ship best and least expensive way possible.  Usually weighed shipping is best, but not with these heavy bulbs in multiples.  So if ebay shipping total is showing over $10.70 we will issue a refund as it does not calculate right, fore these heavy large bulbs

 These are also available at the garden center in Boynton  These bulbs are not as large as regular amaryllis.  This is for 3 bulbs

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