Dendrobium loddigesii Orchid Plant in a net pot nice plant

Dendrobium loddigesii Orchid Plant in a net pot nice plant

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Dendrobium loddigesii is a miniature species orchid from the monsoon areas of China and Hainan Island. Beautiful flowers cover this unusual plant in the spring. We grow these net pots  in plenty of light. They must be kept dry during the winter to bloom abundantly in the spring. They are deciduous and are the indicator of fall coming to South Florida, as the leaves turn yellow and drop. This is the indication that tells us to slow up on the watering. The plant itself is rather unique as it wraps itself around whatever it is growing on. Growth habit lends itself to wind around whatever it is growing on. Individual plant is small, but blooming size. Plant offered is multiple plants growing on imported wood mounts , 4" baskets or in large snails. Take your choice or we will ship you nicest plant available. Our plants are robust and have survived 3 hurricanes, a flood, a couple of freezes, hanging chads and political fights and come out smelling like a…..well Dendrobium loddigesii. Plants shipped after October may be in their deciduous phase so you will want to keep them fairly dry with watering maximum once a week in low humidity areas to possibly every other week or three until you see buds breaking in the spring. Then slowly increase watering. Tough love at its finest! If you get them prior to October, don’t be alarmed as the leaves turn yellow and start dropping, this is the only way we know winter is coming in the 3rd world republic of Florida. Start withholding water at that time. Very convenient if you live in South Florida as it is about the same time South Florida Water Management has finished draining the lakes and canals and puts us all on water restrictions. Gee I love writing descriptions. I try not to discriminate and pick a little bit on everyone. Life is too short, have fun, and enjoy orchid growing, I have since about 1957 when I got my first orchid. Am I giving away my age, actually, I was barely out of diapers.

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